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Port Union

Built in the early 20th century - it's next to Catalina - as a model town by William Coaker and the members of his Fishermen's Union Trading Company and the Fishermen's Protective Union, Port Union is a bit odd: it has row houses built for fish plant workers, and you usually don't find row houses in rural Newfoundland.

The Factory

Home to The Fishermen’s Advocate from 1924 to 1980 (when publication ceased), the Factory, pictured above, also housed a woodworking factory and an ice house.

Today, the restored Factory houses the old Advocate printing presses, the Coaker Archival Collection and many of the tools and other artifacts used in Sir William Coaker’s time. The Factory serves as an interpretive centre and hosts a variety of events promoting the heritage of the National Historic District of Port Union.

The old railway station houses a display on Coaker and his time. His house is open to the public. The word "graveyard" just doesn't do justice to the grandiose little meadow atop which he is buried. His body rests in a white marble sarcophagus which is topped by a half-statue of the man himself which has, depending on your point of view, either its back turned to the sea or its gaze directed to the coast where lived the fishermen he served. This memorial cemetery must certainly be the grandest to any individual in the province, and a lasting monument to a man who was, according to how you view history, either a giant of a man or a master propagandist! Make sure you visit Port Union!

Website: www.historicportunion.com