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Town of Little Catalina

The history of Little Catalina has been marked by many maritime tragedies. The Labrador Gale of 1885, the Newfoundland Disaster of 1914 and the loss of the Rudolf in 1926. Reminders of this sad past are written on the gravestones of the cemetery located adjacent to Calvary Memorial United Church, which was built by a young local master carpenter and volunteers in less than 20 months. No trip to Little Catalina would be complete without visiting this remarkable building.

Also while in Little Catalina, be sure to visit Arch Rock, a natural wonder that has been attracting visitors for more than a century.

Challenge your hiking skills by walking the Little Catalina-Maberly Trail, a Scenic route measuring 16.5 km. This coastal trail clearly defines what beauty is, and hikers can retrace the steps of four centuries of settlement and subsistence along this rugged path. Opportunities exist for exploration, adventure or simply enjoying the solitude of the trail. Admire the whales and seabirds from the headlands - a natural viewing platform. You may wish to try the Arch Rock Hiking Trail where you will find a natural wonder that has been attracting visitors for many centuries. Come to Little Catalina to find out what true beauty is!