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The Five Coves

Located on what is called the "scenic side" of the Bonavista Penisula, the five coves are the communities of Amerst Cove, Upper Amerst Cove, Birchy Cove, Newman's Cove, & Middle Amerst Cove.

This area is known as a traditional rural outport and every year attracts over 2000 people to its annual Five Cove Garden Party. From here it is common to see icebergs as they drift by the coast and fishermen as they leave the wharf and head out to sea.

While traveling through the five cove area be sure to stop and visit Paterson's Woodworking showroom and workshop in Upper Amherst Cove. For sale you will find many heritage furniture items that are traditional replicas of our past. Be sure to allow time to stop by Susie's Café for a taste of home.

Located on Route 235, the five coves is a photographer's dream.