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Town of Catalina

The community of Catalina was first settled as a jumping off point for ocean going vessels before going on to destinations up the St. Lawrence River or the Americans. It was selected for its sheltered bay as well as ample supply of fresh water and since then it has maintained an active presence due to its location in close proximity to prime fish stocks.

Catalina, located between Port Union and Little Catalina, certainly knows how to draw its tourists. There are several good fishing ponds bordering the community; the festive Catalina Day is so popular it actually spans several days, and Look Out Park, opened in 1971 is breath-taking. It has a flat rock beach and natural swimming hole formed by glacier movement after the last ice age. A boardwalk encircles the park and a wooden staircase leads to the top of Look Out Mountain where there is a panoramic view of Catalina Harbour, Little Catalina, Port Union, and Green Island.

The town also boasts a local museum, which is heading into its sixth year. What's unique about this museum is that it is a two room school, built in 1942. One classroom has been kept intact, as if the students were just let out! Their names, scrawled all over the blackboard are covered in plexiglass so they'll never be erased. Such a treat for not only those who attended the school and their relatives, but a treat for the many tourists that visit each year. The other room in the museum displays artefacts donated by local residents.

Located as you are driving on Route 230, Catalina cannot be missed, but one wouldn't want to miss it either! Be sure to stop at Catalina, and see all they have to offer!

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