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Town of Bonavista

The name itself is the essence of discovery: Bueno Vista - O Happy Sight! is how it translates from Italian. Legend has it these very words rang from the deck of John Cabot's ship, the Matthew when he discovered the land in 1497.

Town of Bonavista Sites & Attractions

Come to a place where brave explorers and fearless adventurers plied the waters of this rugged coastline, immerse yourself in a sence of history thick with the luggage of a vital age, and gaze towards a canvas of horizon rich with images of hope and opportunity.

Town of Bonavista View

Bonavista has many exciting sites to lure vistors. The town's layout of narrow, winding streets takes vistors to more historic buildings than any other rural community in Newfoundland. Be a part of the cultural history when you visit The Matthew, a replica of the ship that brought John Cabot to our land.

Ryran's Premises National Historic Site
Ryran's Premises National Historic Site

The Matthew
The Matthew Legacy

Be taken back in time when you visit The Mockbeggar Plantation, The Ryan Premises, The Matthew, or the Cape Bonavista Lighthouse! If you're a lover of natural beauty, you'll be sure to enjoy watching the whales and puffins, and you will be sure to see an iceberg! Come to Bonavista to experience beauty at its finest!

Cape Bonavista Lighthouse
Cape Bonavista Lighthouse

Website: www.bonavista.net

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